Where Can I Serve?

“I’m interested in helping out. What can I do?”…We’re glad you asked! Here are the different teams where you can serve by doing anything from greeting guests on Sunday morning to sharing God’s love with our children. Take a look and let us know which team(s) you’d like to join!

Worship Team

We are always looking for men and women to come be a part of our amazing worship band and singers. All ages are welcome. We have a simple audition process and rehearse on Wednesday evenings.

Hospitality Team

Hospitality is a group of individuals who make sure that the guest of Valley Gate Church receive a warm welcome to our church home.

We have a greeter at the front door, at the hospitality table and the sanctuary doors. Whether we are serving donuts or passing out engagement cards, we want to make sure we are friendly and helpful as we greet and welcome guests as family. We also set up and cater church events and decorate for holidays.


Multimedia Team

The goal of the Sunday Multimedia Team is to help others see Jesus more clearly! We do this by producing the slides, song lyrics and scriptures for Sunday service that you see on the big screens.
The Sunday Multimedia Team consists of 4 functional areas (Projection, Lighting, Audio, and Video). 
  • The Projection functional area controls lyrics,
    announcements, scriptures and sermon notes on the projection screens, which aid and enhance the worship experience. Other responsibilities include collecting media content and creating weekly presentations. 
  • The Lighting functional area controls stage and house lighting. Other responsibilities include setup/take down of lighting equipment.  
  • The Audio functional area controls volume levels for all microphones and instruments used on the stage mixed in the media booth to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent distraction free to the listener. Other responsibilities include audio recording, editing and publishing.  
  • The Video functional area works behind the camera during services to provide quality video recordings. Other responsibilities include video editing and producing.

Communications/Creative Team

This team helps to design and maintain the visual branding and external marketing for VGC by helping to express the church vision while reaching our community with relevant and inviting content. The team is responsible for Graphic Design, Website Maintenance, Promotion and Marketing, Creative Writing, and Social Media Management.


Engage Team

The Engage team creates a culture of celebrating and assimilating our guests into VGC. The purpose of the Engage team is to engage with guests after their Sunday morning experience in order to help them Enter In to life at VGC and ultimately a deeper relationship with Christ. 
The Engage process starts when a guest or member fills out an Engagement card. The team then  processes the card (including data entry) and then reaches out to answer any questions, send emails, make phone calls or send text messages.
Ushering Team
The Ushers Team is made up of volunteers who serve members and guests by eliminating any and all distractions in an effort to provide an atmosphere which allows everyone to have an enjoyable life-changing experience during service.

Ushers are responsible for distributing and collecting Engagement Cards,Tithes & Offering, and other church literature and information.
Ushers help with service set up and breakdown, as well as seating people, and distributing elements for communion.
Children’s Ministry Team
Children’s Ministry is NOT childcare or babysitting. It is a strategic ministry where kids (6 months to 12 years old) are discipled through Bible-based, age-appropriate curriculum, to be world changers.

*Volunteers are placed on a rotating schedule based on their availability to serve and will be trained for any specific technical skill or knowledge required for the team responsibilities.
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