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1st week of every month

Pastor Darryl Morrison

This year we will focus on what it means living life together.  Join us every month as we pray in one accord.

June Prayer Week

Monday,  July 8th

Join us at 7pm  on Zoom
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Wednesday,  July 10th

Join us in person at 7 pm for prayer & worship. 

Prayer Points

We will focus on the same 3 points all week.

 1.  Lord as we hear your voice, help us to declare our faith in you by obeying Your instructions without hesitation or doubt.

2. Together as a body of believers, allow God's word to inspire us to Love you, to live for you, and lead people to Christ.
3.  As we grow in our commitment to follow Christ wholeheartedly, help us to display our obedience in every area of our lives.  (Giving, small groups, serving at church, and serving others.)

Friday,  July 12th

Join us at 7am  on Zoom
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