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1st week of every month

Pastor Darryl Morrison

Hello Everyone, 
I’d like to close our prayer week this year remembering all God has done in 2022 while looking ahead to 2023 and beyond. 2022 has been the year of coming back. We met this year in person after 18 months of maneuvering our lives based on COVID. Many returned to church, while some remained at home. As we began the process of returning God placed on my heart a commitment to believe. We were called to acknowledge and battle unbelief while relying completely upon Christ. 

Throughout this year we’ve added believe prayers to our believe wall and prayed for specific requests submitted by the congregation. God has answered some of these prayers and we want to hear about it. We know we are overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11), so let’s share God's goodness. We’ve been faithful to pray and God has been faithful to answer. As we close out the year in prayer, the same way we started it, I’d like to direct our prayers to some specific areas:

Monday, December 5th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.  (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points
Give Thanks
We give thanks to the Lord because He is good.
Life is not easy and challenges are real.  As we conclude this year I would like for us to give God thanks for:

  • Who He Is: Let’s praise God for who He is to us. (Father, Keeper, Provider, Teacher, Comforter & Corrector.)

  • For His grace and mercy

  • For the many things He’s done for us and all He’s given us.

Wednesday, December 7th

Join us 7pm - 8pm at the church for prayer and worship.
Prayer Points
Believe Testimonies
We testify and declare of God’s goodness throughout the year and how he answered our prayers in the places we chose to believe.

  • Believe Testimonies: Share briefly how God moved on your behalf in the areas you were believing Him for:

  • Family, Health, Jobs, Schooling, Finances, etc…

  • Pray for continual favor and blessings in the area where God answered your prayers.

Friday, December 9th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.   (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points
Our Future
We look forward to all you have in store for your church and your people, so we inquire of you for direction and instruction.

  • God where are You taking us?
- Where do you want to use VGC, and who’s lives are to be impacted by this church?
- Where do you want VGC to call home (not just a building but a community)?

  • What are You making us?
- Lord give us your vision for VGC as a Church.
- Show us who we are as a church. (what are we suppose to do for you?)

  • Who are You adding to us?
- Lord who are you bringing to VGC?
- How do we prepare for the harvest?
- Who will be your leaders in this church?

Tuesday and Thursday visit our Prayer Wall, and join our church community in prayer.


At Valley Gate Church, everything that is birthed in us is birthed through prayer.  Join us as we believe bigger, confront our unbelief, step out in faith, and see God do great things! Visit our prayer wall to see how you can pray with your VGC family.