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1st week of every month

Pastor Darryl Morrison

As we take 2024 to focus on worship it’s imperative to understand that worship is a response to something or someone worthy of our praise/singing, service, submission, and sacrifice. Worship is not only our reaction, worship is our choice. God allows each and every one of us the opportunity to choose Him as the One we worship.

February Prayer Week

Monday,  February 5th

Join us at 7pm  on Zoom
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Wednesday,  February 7th 

Join us in person at 7 pm for prayer & worship. 

Prayer Points

We will focus on the same 3 points all week.

1.  Praying for a spirit of complete unity at Valley Gate Church; that teams will become one, those who are divided will be reconciled, and individuals will become knitted together like family.

2. Allow everything that we do, to be done with a spirit of togetherness, as Christ intended.John 17:20-21 Let's be fitted together, let's grow together, and let's build together.

3. Praying that lives will be changed and transformed through connect class baptism prep class, and small groups.

Friday,  February 9th

Join us at 7am  on Zoom
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