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1st week of every month

Pastor Darryl Morrison

As we take 2023 to focus on worship it’s imperative to understand that worship is a response to something or someone worthy of our praise/singing, service, submission, and sacrifice. Worship is not only our reaction, worship is our choice. God allows each and every one of us the opportunity to choose Him as the One we worship.

Monday, June 5th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.  (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points
1.  Pray that we will be persistent in prayer and that our prayers exhibit selflessness  just as Hannah pleaded for a son, whom she might present to God for service to him.
2.  Pray that the despair and desperation we feel lead us to prayer and seek God in our difficulties.
3. Let us pray that as godly parents, we would honor God by dedicating our children to God, so they would also be obedient and honor God with their lives.

Wednesday,  June 7th

Join us in person at 7 pm for prayer & worship. 
Prayer Points
1.  Ask God to change our perspective from one that seeks the world’s approval to one that seeks His.
2.  Ask God to Increase the Holy Spirit inside of us as we decrease the world that’s inside of us.
3.  Ask God to give us the courage to turn away from the world and towards Him.

Friday,  June 9th

Join us at 7am  via phone for corporate prayer.  (602) 433 - 6257
Prayer Points

1. Pray that we may be committed to being a friend of God and follow after the desires of His heart, and not of the world or of our own selfish desires.

2. Pray for a daily yearning to draw near and submit to Him. That he cleanses & purifies our hearts so we may resist falling back into our own ways.

3.  Ask God to reveal the areas we need to sacrifice and repent. That we may recognize our sin in order to have true repentance and humility.

Tuesday and Thursday visit our Prayer Wall, and join our church community in prayer.


At Valley Gate Church, everything that is birthed in us is birthed through prayer.  Join us as we believe bigger, confront our unbelief, step out in faith, and see God do great things! Visit our prayer wall to see how you can pray with your VGC family.